Air cleaning for homes and small businesses

Consumer products

Consumer products

Air cleaning for kitchen and living areas, as well as the small trade Allergic persons, asthmatics, owners of chloranisols, and nailstudio drivers can breathe a sigh of relief. The room air purification is carried out in the commercial air circulation process and enables a considerable reduction of dust, pollen, germs, viruses, smoke and unpleasant odors. Through the air circulation, the heating can be turned down by up to 2 ° C and generates a saving of up to 16% energy costs (statistical mean 8% per degree).

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The recirculation capacity of the plasmaNorm® modules can be adjusted as required. The result is a comfortable room climate, best respiratory air, safety against unpleasant odors, germs and harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria and pollen. The very quiet EC fan of the aereus® Universo air purifier and its energy efficiency are ideal. The pre-filter is washed in the washing machine; An exchange is unlikely.

The modules for private kitchens are hood hood inserts, which are distributed by licensed retailers and, of course, have the expected original plasmaNorm® properties. For over 10 years successfully in use and without the as needed replacement of the activated carbon filters. Again the purchase is favorable, as well as in the operating and follow-up costs.

  • aereus® UNIVERSO portable air purifier

    Portable air purifier with integrated plasmaNorm® technology for removing cigarette smoke, allergens, odors and pollutants such as VOCs and chloranisols.

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