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Industrial exhaust air solutions including heat recovery and energy efficiency

An expert team on air cleanliness, flow technology, plasma physics and plasma chemistry develops processes, systems and components that are precisely tailored to the particular requirements of the respective application. For example, we work for slaughterhouses, food producers, hospitals and cooking equipment manufacturers as well as for waste management.

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We dispose of the air of an entire company hygienically and up to the odor free. Heat recovery and energy efficiency always belong to it. We answer questions of Sick Building Syndrome, germination or legionella or MRSA with our process engineering.

We also equip the largest systems and houses with our individually designed exhaust air purification systems.

permaClean filter system

High performance filter system with hydroSorp® -
separator and CIP self-cleaning system.


permaClean is used in many areas including the food industry (industrial kitchens, system catering, industrial production) for filtering condensable substances, aerosols and particles from exhaust air. This includes in particular water vapour, fats, proteins and similar. In normal service, this provides reliable protection of downstream components (ducts, heat exchangers and ventilation) – also by way of activated carbon filters and oxidation filters.


The permaClean filter module functions on the principles of labyrinth and/or impact separation and sorption. The particles entrained in the exhaust air stream (fats, proteins, etc.) are precipitated in the filter medium by mass separation forces. The hydroSorp® separator has a physical mode of action (see also separate datasheet) whereby the inner structure is able to absorb even the smallest water and fat droplets on its surfaces, separating the liquid from the gaseous phase. These actions prevent contamination of downstream components such as ventilators, heat exchangers and other components and ducts, reducing overall burdens and corrosion.

permaClean is equipped with a washing nozzle system. This extends the interval between necessary manual cleaning operations. In its simplest configuration, the wash system is connected directly to the hot water supply (3 bar hot water pressure) and is operated manually.

A useful option is often the dosing of detergents. The self-cleaning system is particularly effective when fitted with the special CIP unit (clean-in-place) which is in turn equipped with pressure pumps, dosing systems etc.

By separating and cleaning particles often associated with odour molecules, permaClean is able to achieve a noticeable reduction in exhaust air odour levels.

plasmaNorm® RENE

All our plasmaNorm® exhaust systems, hoods and modules work economically as well as environmentally friendly and reduce the operating and follow-up costs. Learn more about our environmental responsibility and the important plasmaNorm® aspects of resource conservation, effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency.

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    The permaClean filter module is fitted with a washing nozzle system which cleanses the filter medium at programmed intervals. This procedure is manual and can also be automated on request. The cleaning process can only be operated when the extraction system is out of service.

    The hydroSorp® separator can be regenerated.

    The ester foam material can be washed using a liquid, non-foaming fat and protein dissolving cleaning agent and can therefore be used repeatedly (see separate hydroSorp® datasheet). In the case of visible, surface soiling, the hydroSorp can be washed in a washing machine using a liquid, non-foaming, non-perfumed fat and protein detergent at approx. 60 °C and spin-dried at 800 RPM.


    During the entire filter and cleaning processes, condensates and washing products can be passed through standard commercial waste water grease separators or waste water cleaning systems such that there is no need to establish or maintain a new waste disposal chain.

  • Technische Details

    Technical Details

    Technical data and additional information on the permaClean filter system can be found in the data sheet.

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