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Industrial exhaust air solutions including heat recovery and energy efficiency

An expert team on air cleanliness, flow technology, plasma physics and plasma chemistry develops processes, systems and components that are precisely tailored to the particular requirements of the respective application. For example, we work for slaughterhouses, food producers, hospitals and cooking equipment manufacturers as well as for waste management.

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We dispose of the air of an entire company hygienically and up to the odor free. Heat recovery and energy efficiency always belong to it. We answer questions of Sick Building Syndrome, germination or legionella or MRSA with our process engineering.

We also equip the largest systems and houses with our individually designed exhaust air purification systems.

air treatment systems pN2000 - pN10000

For professional and industrial kitchens:
Kitchen vapour extraction and kitchen air recirculation.


The handling of kitchen air based on plasmaNorm® processing principles produces previously unheard of air cleaning efficiency. Kitchen air as results from the heating of food is a problem generally solved by exhausting to atmosphere at over roof height, in some areas over the highest rooftop in a 50 m radius. These measures are designed to avoid odour pollution in the vicinity. Air treated using the plasmaNorm® process can also be exhausted horizontally at first floor level because it does not impair the neighbourhood. Additional treatment stages allow removal of cooking vapours to a level suitable for air recirculation.


The combination of extractor hoods and plasmaNorm® air treatment systems opens the door to new options in handling kitchen air extraction and kitchen air circulation. When kitchen air is exhausted, the point of emission need no longer be at roof level or at the level of the highest roof in the vicinity, but can take place horizontally on the building. The kitchen air is cleaned to the extent that it does not represent an impairment. An additional positive side effect is the use of heat recuperation systems so that energy in the waste air can be recuperated and even pay back the entire capital expenditure for the system.

3-stage plasmaNorm air treatment, comprising a hydroSorp® pre-filter, plasmaNorm reaction modules with sorPan® activated carbon are generally installed in stainless steel casings. The use of the plasmaNorm® reactor module allows deviation from this standard. If all technology is situated within a kitchen, stainless steel models are standard. Exhaust air systems are standardised from 2,000 through 10,000 m3/h and more. In the case of kitchen air recirculation, the cooking vapours are passed through an additional cleaning stage, an electrostatic precipitator ionCollect capable of removing even the blue smoke created when grease is overheated.

Grease and protein vapours, water vapour, aerosols, heat burdens and odours are technically removed from the air to allow the cleaned air to be recirculated in the kitchen. The integrated filters are specifically designed and selected for the task at hand. Coarse and fine separation of solids, aerosols and other frequent air constituents as well as gaseous odours and finally thermal loads. Circulation mode demands a minimum degree of air replacement. At least 30 % of the recirculated air volume must be replaced by the site ventilation systems. plasmaNorm® recirculating systems are standardised between 2,000 – 10,000 m3/h. In the case of recirculating systems, gas and charcoal cooking is not possible.

plasmaNorm® RENE

All our plasmaNorm® exhaust systems, hoods and modules work economically as well as environmentally friendly and reduce the operating and follow-up costs. Learn more about our environmental responsibility and the important plasmaNorm® aspects of resource conservation, effectiveness, sustainability and energy efficiency.

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    The inlet temperature of extracted air must be less than 40°C. If the air has a higher temperature than 40°C, it must be pre-cooled, otherwise the system will not function as per design. Under normal circumstances, kitchen exhaust air has a temperature of 28°C and 45 % relative humidity.


    The installed pre-filter and the ionCollect electrostatic precipitator all require regular checking and cleaning. flameSafe in a dishwasher, hydroSorp® in a washing machine and ionCollect must be cleaned with liquid, spray grease solvents. Electrodes must be checked at regular intervals and cleaned as necessary with washing up liquid and a soft brush. Under normal circumstances and with correct operation in accordance with instructions and specifications the activated carbon only rarely needs to be replaced. Annual servicing, in the case of kitchen recirculating air minimum twice per annum, is necessary in order to maintain operational functions. Service contracts with authorised companies are recommended.


    All residuals are standard kitchen products and can be disposed of in grease-bearing waste water or solid waste disposal arrangements. At the end of their service life, all metal components are fully recyclable and all electrical components are RoHS compliant.

  • Technische Details

    Technical Details

    Technical data and additional information on the plasmaNorm systems can be found in the data sheet.

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