Satisfied customers

Hundreds of ventilation systems have been planned, produced and installed by us together with our partners. The fact that these customers are extremely satisfied with the systems on a long-term basis is something we are very proud of. But this is not due to chance, there are many solid reasons.

The units are not only optimised in terms of costs during original procurement. They also operate reliably and continuously, they are easy to use, low maintenance and inexpensive over the long term. But perhaps the most important point is that they do exactly that which you want them to do: they reliably remove pollutants from the air!

We have put together a small selection of our satisfied customers who are successfully removing odours from their air using plasmaNorm®...

  • Tönnies Fleischwerk GmbH & Co.KG, Rheda Wiedenbrück

    Tönnies Fleischwerk GmbH & Co.KG, Rheda Wiedenbrück

    The facility produces modern convenience products from meat as its raw material using industrial-scale ovens and contact roasting systems. Spices and marinades together cause significant odour development.

  • KAIMUG Franchise Restaurants

    KAIMUG Franchise Restaurants

    In front of their very eyes, guests see Thai cooking in all its glory. The franchise concept demands independent room air solutions at its sites. Smoke and odours outside of the direct wok kitchen and kitchen areas would be extremely undesirable.

  • Frankfurt Airport

    Frankfurt Airport

    Several professional catering outlets squeezed into a very compact space without the option of a kitchen exhaust air system: Hermann’s (a German sausage specialist), kebox AG Global Kebap Company (various Turkish Döner specialities) and Thong Thai GmbH & Co. KG (premium Thai take-away concept).

  • Café Schrunz, Greven

    Café Schrunz, Greven

    The café has about 30 tables. Ovens in the open baker’s area and the spicy products and cheese products behind the counter impair air quality.

  • 25hours Hotel - Goldman Restaurant

    25hours Hotel - Goldman Restaurant

    In this individually designed hotel, the Goldman restaurant operates an open kitchen concept at a very high culinary level.

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