From the initial idea to the finished product

From the initial idea to the finished product

plasmaNorm® is the cutting-edge technology in air purification: it was developed in collaboration with universities: Key elements are protected by international patents.

The general need for fresh air or the way is the goal

In the late 1980s, Manfred H. Langner developed first conventional exhaust air solutions for his father's butchery. Together they offered these other butcheries and food processors. The reasons for the development at that time were the smells produced by the butchery and smoking of the sausage products. The neighborhood felt partly disturbed.

In the middle of the 90s, Langner founded his own company to perfect the exhaust air solutions. While Manfred Langner signed major deals with internationally known burger chains, he studied and researched the exciting plasma technology for air purification.

Curious and convinced by the possible high effect of a cold plasma on molecules and its precise material presentation, Langner contacted well-known German universities and institutes to receive support for the development of "plasmaNorm".

With the finished plasma electrode and his know-how in the field of flow technology, Manfred Langner succeeded in integrating plasmaNorm® into his exhaust air cleaning systems at the beginning of the century. PlasmaNorm® is now a registered trademark. With plasmaNorm®, it was no longer only possible to remove the resulting exhaust air from butchers, gastronomy and hotels into the outside air, but could also be cleaned at the same time. It no longer stinks from the outlet pipes of the retailers and restaurants.

Langner's goal has been achieved: the well-known anger with the neighborhood, residents and passers-by is finally passed.

But the watches around plasmaNorm® do not stop. Manfred Langner is continuously optimizing the plasma stages together with internal scientists and researchers and expanding their fields of application and application.


Manfred H. Langner is owned by the following brands:


The aereus® is a special room air cleaner that improves the atmosphere of a room. This is achieved by means of dust, pollutant and harmful gas extraction or the transformation into harmless air. Registered: DE


Large, self-cleaning eddy current extractor hood. European patent and registered European trademark.


Unique, effective gas cleaning for odor reduction up to odor removal by open, atmospheric plasma (normal pressure) Registered: DE, EM / WO - registered international brand.


SorPan® are adsorbers used with plasmaNorm® in conjunction with plasmas. Registered: EM


Physical high-performance sorption separator for aerosol and small droplets, droplets from aqueous compounds, emulsions, waste air / circulating air from food production, etc. Registered: European Patent and registered European trademark.


Operating successfully – throughout the world

Restaurants and hoteliers source plasmaNorm® air filters from specialist traders and planning offices; private households are supplied by leading partner organisations. The production of tailor-made systems for factories, industry, shopping malls, food halls and major projects is the task of cip international GmbH. A huge base of experience and technical know-how is the platform for economic ventilation systems and components.

plasmaNorm® air filters are used in households, industrial plants and catering facilities everywhere in the world: Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.

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