Registered trademarks

Registered trademarks

The plasmaNorm® technology used for air purification was developed jointly with universities and the key components are protected by international patents.

Our brands

aereus® is a specialised room air cleaner designed to help improve the atmosphere breathed in a room. This is achieved by removing dust, harmful substances and harmful gases to leave air suitable for breathing
Registered: DE

Large, self-cleaning eddy-current extractor hoods:
European patent and registered European trademark.

Uniquely effective gas purification for reducing smells through to total odour removal by open, atmospheric plasma (normal pressure).
Registered: DE, EM / WO – European patent and registered international trademark

sorPan® are adsorbers used in conjunction with plasma in the plasmaNorm® process.
Registered: EM

Physical high performance sorption separator for aerosols and droplets, droplets of aqueous compounds, emulsions, exhaust air/circulating air in food production etc.
Registered: EM – European patent and registered European trademark

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